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Who We Are

Gasha Consulting is an Ethiopian firm with a global perspective, comprising consultants from Ethiopia, the United States, and Europe.

Who We Are

We take pride in understanding and mastering problems. We like to know, understand, seek, pursue, and master problems.

Our consulting business is focused on two areas. First, we aim to elevate the operations of Ethiopian businesses to match those in the developed world - one that is driven by data, based on technology, and focused on the customer. Second, we want to guide foreign companies who wish to do business in Ethiopia. We understand the Ethiopian business environment and what the pain points are for outside companies.

Gasha Consulting was started in 2008 E.C. by four management and IT consulting professionals. Trained in Ethiopia and the United States, and with a combined experience of more than 35 years, Gasha Consulting made an immediate impression in the consulting industry by its professionalism and practical, working solutions.

Owned privately by now five partners, Gasha Consulting has continued to rapidly grow to count more than 25 companies as its clients.

We want our consulting practice to eventually grow to become the premier system integrator and solution provider in the country. Ethiopia currently can do much much better in its execution of many of its strategic objectives. However, the lack of competent planning, execution, and followup that takes in to account of the best practices and experiences of other nations greatly hampers these efforts. It is our vision to become the agent through which competence and professionalism is brought to bear on the planning and execution of these projects.

If there is anything that defines Gasha Consulting, it is that we first seek to understand and know our topics. We take pride in knowing and mastering problems. We just don't propose solutions. We like to know, understand, seek, pursue, and master problems. We like facts, information, and skills. This means, when we provide consulting services, we first seek to comprehend your business, the context of your problems, and the solutions you seek. Then, and only then, will we offer solutions. Solutions that will efficiently solve your problems. Solutions that match your capacity to execute them.

We Are Good At

Business Process Management 95%

System Integration 95%

Project/Organizational Management 98%

Technology Implementation 95%

Banking & Finance Systems 95%

Core Values


Our approach, our execution, and our communications are based on uncompromising honesty and integrity. Our aim is to form a long term relationship with our clients. Anything less will not be sustainable.


When competence meets passion, your results and accomplishments become sustainable. We do what we do not just because we love to do them; we do them because we cannot imagine doing anything else.


Our solutions always keep in mind your competing interests. Therefore, in order to provide you with a solution that you are proud of, we first seek to understand your interests and your values.


Professional work always considers factors beyond the immediate and the easy-to-see. Our industry experiences give us the long view required to give you strategic advises and solutions.


We value knowledge and efficiency. We are always seeking the best, the smartest, and the most efficient way of doing things. This puts innovation as a foundation of our work and one of our core values.

Giving Back

The founders of Gasha Consulting hail from successful careers in the United States, Europe, and Ethiopia. Giving back to our community in Ethiopia is the driving force behind Gasha Consulting.

Meet The Team


Account Manager, Sales


Account Manager, Sales


Finance Consultant


Administrative Assistant


Solutions Architect


Senior Accountant

Dr. Iman

Medical Consultant


Principal Consultant


Senior Technical Engineer


Junior Accountant


Distribution Manager

Some of Our Partners

We Are Hiring

Process Engineer

The Process Engineer is responsible for process design, operation and implementation. The successful candidate will be able to improve industrial processes in order to maintain efficiency, reduce cost, improve sustainability and maximise profitability.

Job Competencies:
  • Develop and optimise business processes
  • Assess processes and interpret data
  • Develop best practices and routines
  • Perform risk assessments

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Subject Line: Position, Process Engineer

Senior Accountant

The Senior Accountant is responsible for ensuring the integrity of accounting information by researching account issues for compliance and by establishing quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting.

Job Competencies:
  • Verify, allocate, post, and reconcile transactions
  • Produce error-free accounting reports
  • Analyse financial information
  • Provide technical support to management

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Subject Line: Position, Senior Accountant

Technology Consultant

The Technology Consultant is responsible for working in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. You will work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organisations.

Job Competencies:
  • Determine client requirements
  • Planning timescales and the resources needed
  • Travelling to customer sites
  • Developing agreed solutions and new systems

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Subject Line: Position, Technology Consultant

Management Consultant

The Management Consultant is responsible for researching, designing, developing, and testing systems-level solutions to many different types of business problems. Formulating and analyzing client requirements. May design entire solutions around vague problem statements.

Job Competencies:
  • Creating business strategy
  • Research and data collection to understand the organization
  • Running focus groups and facilitating workshops
  • Preparing business proposals and presentations

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Subject Line: Position, Management Consultant


The Salesperson is responsible for planning and carrying out all sales activities on assigned accounts or areas. Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing quality of service delivery, gather customer satisfaction surveys, and communicating results to management.

Job Competencies:
  • Generate and qualify leads
  • Source and develop client referrals
  • Prepare sales action plans and strategies
  • Schedule sales activity

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Subject Line: Position, Saleperson

What People Say

Gasha Consulting provided very helpful advice and common sense business planning for the company. Grasel Trading is looking forward to seeing the benefits of the valuable tool that has been pu in practice.

Ato Girum Melaku
General Manager, Grasel Trading, PLC.

When we manufactured our first product, Gasha Consulting helped us price it right; our entry to market was done with confidence, rather than uncertainty. The entry price was just right for the our target market.

Suleiman Shifaw
Genearl Manager , Impact Communcations.

[We] are more than happy to recommend Gasha Consulting on its business process management services. Gasha team is open to discussions with an ability to propose solutions for any business process related issues.

Ato Surafel Worku
Chief Operations Officer , 251 Communications

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