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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your services for foreign based businesses?

A: Generally, we provide assistance to foreign manufacturers who seek local dealers/distributors. We also provide consulting services to foreign financial institutions who want to provide capital to local companies. In addition, we have also helped amicably resolve contentious business issues between foreign and local companies. If you are a foreign based organization who need local expert knowledge, please contact us.

Q: I have a challenge that requires specific solution expertise. How can you help me?

A: If we do not currently have the expertise required, we have partnerships in Europe and the United States that we can call on to provide a solution.

Q: Do you work with non-profit organizations?

A: Yes, we do work with non-profit organizations. Our most recent project involved providing an email hosting solution to a non-profit organization.

Q: I am a local firm looking for a product supplier. Can you help?

A: This is one of our core areas of business. Based on your specific manufacturer requirements and country of origin for the products of your interest, we can locate a supplier, negotiate the agreement on your behalf, prepare the contract, and also help you import and market the product.

Q: Can you help me meet government regulation A, Compliance B, or ISO Certification?

A: Yes, we can. Please contact us with specific details.

Q: I am starting a new business. Can you help me define my company structure, business processes, staffing, and with marketing?

A: Yes, we can help you create new business processes or analyze and fix your current processes, completely handle your staffing needs, as well as take your products/services to market. In addition, we can take over the entire management of your business so that you can focus on other new business areas.

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