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IT Consulting

Technology with a Purpose

IT Consulting

Data is the new raw material of business.

The IT Team at Gasha Consulting comprises IT engineers that have over 35 years of combined experience. When it comes to new technologies, our experienced consultants have applied these advances in a variety of real-world problem domains such as retail, insurance, finance & banking, entertainment, and governmental organizations. Some of the solutions include content management, customer relationship management, government civil service solutions, Internet applications, and many others.

Our goal is always to seek and provide a working and practical technology solution. We will be with you through all phases of a project, from problem identification and analysis to post implementation support and training. Thus, we are responsible for all life cycle phases of the project implementation to ensure a smoothly functioning system.

Let Gasha Consulting put technology at your disposal so that you can focus on running your core business. Your business challenges should be an opportunity to do more than just keep up with the latest trends.

Some of the IT solutions that we provide are
  • IT strategy
  • Technology Implementation
  • IT performance improvement
  • IT Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Process Automation
  • Email and Web Hosting

Yonatan, Principal Consultant

In today's business world, technology is no longer just your secrete competitive advantage. It is the very foundation on which your entire business rests.

When we started work on introducing our new booklets to the market, we did not think much about pricing - that is until the last minute. We did not think to seek professional help until we realized that this could sink our product even before it had a chance to succeed. Gasha Consulting helped us determine the right price for our product, with exceptional results.

Suleiman Shifaw
Managing Director Impact Communications, PLC
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