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Time & Attendance

Better Employee Tracking

Time & Attendance Systems

Our aim is to offer you the best solutions to improve your resources management via the simplest, user friendly and cost effective system.

With our Time and Attendance systems, manage your workforce schedules, decrease your administration duties and improve your company productivity. Businesses that do not monitor and manage employee lateness could be losing tens of thousands of birr a year in lost productivity and profits. As an example, if your company employs 200 workers and 20% (40 out of 200) arrive ten minutes late every day (240 days per year) and their average pay is ብር 3,000.00 per month, then their lateness costs your company ብር 16,000 per year which would be equivalent to staggering 800 unproductive hours per year! This is before you add the lost productivity, extra overtime costs occurred when covering workload and the order value of possible lost contracts due to failure to meet delivery deadlines.

The cost of employee absenteeism

For many organizations, the cost of absenteeism alone can be huge. Below are some examples of typical loss across many industries. Note that these are only estimates and not actual numbers for the Ethiopian market.

In the public sector, if the average days lost per employee per year is 9.6 and the average cost per employee per year is ብር 889. Then, an organisation employing 1,000 people will have a cost of absenteeism of around ብር 889,000.

In the production and manufacturing sector, if the average days lost per employee per year is 6.5 and the average cost per employee per year is ብር 754. For Example, an organisation employing 250 people will have a cost of absenteeism of around ብር 188,500.

Some of our products and software solutions include
  • Biometrics (Fingerprint) Terminal
  • Software for managing employee attendance
  • Self service terminals for absence requests and other HR functions
  • HR management software
  • Planning software for workforce planning and scheduling
  • Security - access control systems
  • Multi-company management
  • Activity Management - tasks, projects, and cost center management
  • Mobile employee attendance - monitor employee attendance with geolocation for those on the go
  • Paylink - for automatic payroll processing
  • Various Access control terminals
  • Employee badge terminals
  • On site assessment, installation, and training
  • Full customer support

Mikias, Principal Consultant

We have observed that, once our time and attendance systems are implemented, attendance usually improve because employees know that their attendance is being monitored.

How Gasha Consulting conducted the initial first-phase analysis was enough to convince us that we made the right decision in tapping them for the major reorganization we desperately needed.

Managing Director Macsheb PLC
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